A downloadable game

This game is a part of another my game.

Blobs are all around you, and they form horrible creatures.Fight back when they appears and scares you!

This game is not very complete, and there is only 3 kinds of enemies, because there is too much coding work, and I spent too much time on bugs.

It is currently infinite, and the life and energy is infinite too( as it is really too difficult )

May need d3dx and msvc runtime lib.


WSAD - Move your cam( or your crosshair to dodge attacks when in bullet time )

J - Bullet Time! ( Slow down time, catch and dodge attacks )

K - Punch them hard when in bullet time( must in their 'face' when they attack you )

The bullet time costs energy( it is currently infinite ), and if you kill an enemy or give them 4 punch, the bullet time will end and return the energy.


Spore : Use bullet time when you see them flying to you

Skull : Use bullet time when you see flash

Spider : Just focus on its action


Update 2016/5/4:

--Phase 1/5 completed. Try to eliminate all slimes to complete the game.

--Behavior of spores modified.

--Visual effect updated.

--Repeat again: The bullet time is to transform enemies' attack into forms that can be dodged, so you need to capture the moment of hit. When you do it correctly you should see a purple thing like a rune, and just hit it. I really don't know how to make a tutorial for this game. Maybe in a full game there will be a Level0 or something, but now I don't know how to do without spoiling the atmosphere.


Shape of Fear - Post Jam.zip 10 MB
Shape of Fear.zip 8 MB