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Apexian is a species with primitive civilization. They like playing a kind of gamepad called Ludumboy, which was created by some extincted ancient creatures(human?) It is some kind of AR device ( like PokemonGo ).

This is still a little demo. You can only play a little shooting game and find out how to trigger the button behind the door (hint: the gamepad is an AR device). I planned to add more features such as playing multiple games at the same time(with the devices connected) but time is not enough. Maybe there will be a post-jam version.

wsad - move
e - enter the gamepad layout mode( for multiple games but not finished ), click your character to show the gamepad and press e again to start play your gamepad. q to back to the layout/normal mode.
wsad - move, jkil - shoot in minigame

Published Aug 29, 2016
TagsLudum Dare 36


Legacy of Kar'macx.zip 4 MB